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Primary Classroom Resources

  • FlashSticks – language learning that sticks?

    What exactly are they?

    FlashSticks are essentially flash cards, but presented as Post-It notes.  They contain the word in the target language, plus the pronunciation, gender of the word (also shown by the colour of Post-it note) and type of word (e.g. noun, verb).  There is also a related app.  I received the French beginner pack, but this product is also available in Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, English and British Sign Language.

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  • Number Bonds: a few ideas

    Knowing number bonds to 10 (and 20) is a staple for all children.  Here are a few ideas to help support your children in learning theirs.

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  • Reading Areas – how to create a rich, purposeful learning environment

    There are many things to consider when planning a reading area/book corner in your classroom (or somewhere within your school grounds).  Why not take the following things into account?

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  • Multibandz™ Times Tables Bands

    I first saw these on Pinterest and was fascinated by them. They seem like such a simple thing and I admit that I was annoyed I hadn’t thought of the idea first! The silicone bands are well-made and fit the Key Stage Two children I teach really well. Each pack contains 12 bands from 1x to 12x tables.
  • Twisty Droppers

    Harry really enjoyed these Twisty Droppers mainly because he simply enjoys transporting water and squirting it, so the added attraction of being able to squirt water into things and at mummy,  made these a hit.  We also got the container involved as it became a handy bucket we used for filling with water.

    Score 3 out of 5

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  • No Mess Foam Play

    The No Mess Play Foam is a brilliant idea, it’s bright, mouldable and young children can be creative with it.  The foam is made up of small balls all stuck together, so the product is sticky.

    Score 4 out of 5

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  • Froggie Quoits

    Froggie Quoits, made by BigJigs, is a fantastic game which is made of high quality material and is a game that involves all the family.

    Score 5 out of 5

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  • On The Farm Giant Jigsaw Playmat

    The Giant ‘On the Farm’ jigsaw puzzle from Orchard toys is based on a busy, bright and happy farm with a 3D twist.  The puzzle comes with 12 little stand up characters you can place on the farm.  This puzzle also links with other puzzle products in this range including a road and countries.

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  • French Colour Owls

    Another post from Vicki...

    French was my specialism when I did my PGCE and I love teaching it (German too!).  These owl colour cards are very simple and clear for the children to refer to.  I’m going to share how I use colour posters/flashcards in my classroom and give you some ideas for consolidating their learning of colours too.  Please adapt and use for other languages too.

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  • Monster Punctuation

    Our new resident teacher blogger Vicki looks at how this fun resource can be used in the classroom...

    Monsters... most of us probably already have 30 of them in our classes, so why not add a few more?

    The Monster Punctuation document is a set of cards with punctuation on – pretty self-explanatory really. BUT there’s more – there are different monsters for different levels, which means the cards could be used for a VCOP display very easily and effectively. I can imagine a group of boys desperately trying to reach a certain monster because it looks more gruesome than the level 1 monster! Continue reading

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